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We are determined to see our students harness their potentials

We are the leading international high school for the new, global, digital generation.

We are in collaboration with Rosedale Academy, we are their Abuja Campus offering their OSSD program, which allows you to study in your home country while receiving a highly respected, world class Canadian high school diploma, improving your admission opportunity at leading Canadian and global universities.


- want a globally recognized Canadian education from the comfort of your home country

- want to improve your chance of admission into leading Canadian and global universities

- want to increase not just your knowledge, but gain superior academic skills

- want to set yourself up for future academic and career success

- have completed your Grade 11 equivalent prerequisites

O.S.S.D. Academy Advantage

A Top Global Academic Program in Your Home Town

Graduates of the University Pathway Program receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), consistently ranked in the top 5 international academic high school programs, all from the comfort of your home town.

Defined Admission Path to Leading Canadian Universities

Recognizing the quality of the program and the success of our graduates, a number of top Canadian universities offer Preliminary Acceptance with a defined admission path to all registered students. Our robust ESL program may also waive your need to complete IELTS/TOEFL standardized tests to meet university English language requirements.

Greater Admission Success to Global Universities

Based on the globally recognized OSSD curriculum, our program puts you in a stronger position to meet academic criteria in any competitive university program in Canada, the United States and UK. As an OSSD graduate, no matter where you live, you can apply to global universities with 6 prep course grades that fit your strengths, and not with SAT or A-level standard tests.

Be Ready for University Studies

Our courses are designed with real-world examples, interactive media, problems sets, and activities to give you the academic skills you need to succeed in higher education. By learning in English, with our fluent, trained teachers, you will be well prepared for global university programs.

We Will Guide You to Success

You will have access to integrated guidance counselling to ensure you are on track for your future university career. Our Individual Growth Plan (IGP) will help you develop career objectives, track your progress throughout the year, and provide guidance and support so that you succeed.