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About Meadowlands Canadian School

Meadowlands Canadian School is part of Meadowlands Educational Consult, a Canadian company with offices both in Canada and Nigeria.

About a decade ago, we realized we were answering a lot of questions from Nigerian families about schools in Canada and getting into the right programs and province. This we did to aid parents over the years and later led to the birthing of the Meadowlands Educational Consult.

We have always had a passion to ensure that these students identify the best high schools and universities and at the same time choosing the right courses and programs suited to them. Beyond assisting them to find the right schools in the right provinces, we have also worked hard at helping them settle down in a new Canadian culture and environment.

It has always been our desire to see how children could save for university by completing high school in Nigeria for those who might be really stretched by the financial implication of combining both high school and university physically in Canada or those who just prefer to still have their children groomed locally in Nigeria before releasing them to a foreign world.

This desire has led to the birthing of Meadowlands Canadian School which provides the same high school opportunities as someone who is physically in Ontario. What a joy to be able to obtain your OSSD within the shores of Nigeria.

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