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Academic Calendar

A traditional Canadian high school academic calendar is recommended for launching the 1-Year University Pathway program. The academic calendar involves:

Traditional 5-month academic semesters from September 2023 – January 2024 (Term A) and February 2024 – June 2024 (Term B).

3-4 Grade 12 level courses per academic semester.

A cost efficient and academically flexible course calendar, preparing students to enter university programs in Engineering, Science, Mathematics, and Business.

Individual Growth Plan (IGP) non-credit course.

Availability of Grade 11 courses should prospective students not qualify for the 1-Year University Pathway program.

Program Dates and Recognized Holidays

Term A program dates:
• September 2023 – January 2024
• January 2024

Term B exam week:
• June 2024

Term B holidays:

Course Calendar

The course calendar for the 1-Year University Pathway program is designed to:

Support academic success through course sequences.

Ensure students are fully qualified to apply to university or college programs in Engineering, Science, Mathematics, and Business disciplines.

Provide administrative and financial efficiency for Meadowlands in creating multiple course sections and hiring a minimal number of teachers.

Provide flexibility for students to select electives with guidance from Rosedale and Meadowlands school counsellors.


ESL Development
Pre-requisite: Placement test or level below

• BBI2O – Intro to Business
• BAF3M – Intro to Financial Accounting
• BOH4M - Business Leadership
• BBB4M – International Business Fundamentals

• ENG2D – Grade 10 English – Pre-requisite: ESLDO
• ENG3U – Grade 11 English – Pre-requisite: ENG2D or ESLEO
• ENG4U – Grade 12 English – Pre-requisite: ENG3U

Computer Studies
• ICS3U – Introduction to Computer Science
• BTT20 – Information and Communication Technology in Business

Liberal Arts
• CIA4U – Analyzing Current Economic Issues
• CPW4U – Canadian and International Politics

• ASM3M/ASM20 - Media Arts (Animation)
• AWR3M/AVI2O - Visual Arts – Film/Video
• ASM2O - Visual Arts – Film/Video

• MPM2D – Principles of Mathematics
• MCR3U – Functions – Pre-req: MPM2D
• MHF4U – Advanced Functions - Pre-req: MCR3U
• MCV4U – Calculus and Vectors – Pre-req: MHF4U MDM4U – Data Management

Social Science
• HFA4U – Nutrition & Health - Pre-req: ENG3U

• SNC2D – Grade 10 Science
• SPH3U – Grade 11 Physics SCH3U – Grade 11 Chemistry
• SBI3U – Grade 11 Biology – Recommended: ESLDO
• SPH4U – Grade 12 Physics – Pre-req: SPH3U
• SCH4U – Grade 12 Chemistry – Pre-req: SCH3U
• SBI4U – Grade 12 Biology – Pre-req: SBI3U

Guidance and Careers Study
• GWL3O – Designing Your Future

Ontario Literacy
• OLC4O – Ontario Literacy Course

OSSD Diploma Graduation Minimum Requirements

Student entering with SS3 completed: 6 Grade 12 U/M level credit courses

Student entering with SS2 completed: 7 Grade 12 U/M level credit courses
• 10 hours of community service

Grade 12 level only
• Successful completion of Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)

OSSLT is administered between last week of March and first week of April. Students who fail OSSLT are eligible to take Ontario Literacy Course (OLC40) between last week of May or first week of June.

Grade 11 pre-requisite courses

Students who do not qualify for entry into their desired academic pathway can take any of the following Grade 11 level courses during Term A:
• ENG 3U – English
• MCR 3U – Functions
• SBI 3U – Biology
• SCH 3U – Chemistry
• SPH 3U – Physics
• BAF 3M – Financial Accounting Fundamentals

Fall 2024 University Admission Pathway


Our students will be required to take 6 subjects in total, including English.

Subjects are delivered on a modular basis, which means that students will study and complete several subjects in one semester before moving on to take another set of subjects in the following semester.

Typically, they will take 2-3 subjects per semester, although they will have the flexibility to decide how many subjects they would like to take.

Most subjects have a combination of 70% coursework + 30% final exams. As such, they will need to be on top of your homework, assignments and projects throughout the year.

In addition, you will also need to complete the Ontario School Secondary Literacy Test (OSSLT) and complete a number of approved hours of Community Service.

• 3 to 4 subjects per semester.
• 70% coursework, 30% exams.
• Complete Ontario school secondary literacy test.
• Community service.


What Can You Expect for our Coursework?

• Presentations
• Test and quizzes
• Laboratory assessments
• Public speaking and debates

Canadian Pre-University focuses on real world application, such as presentations and collaborative projects, in order to develop communication and interpersonal skills.

Here are some examples:

• English – Expect essays, presentations and projects
• Mathematics – Tests, quizzes and presentations
• Business – Presentations, debates, research papers, projects such as creating a mock product
• Sciences – Requires you to do lab (reports and practical) work

How Will You Be Graded?

You will be graded on a criterion-based assessment using the Ontario Rubric:
Knowledge/Understanding: Understanding of subject-specific content
Thinking/Inquiry: Critical thinking and problem solving skills
Communication: Communicating or presentation of information
Application: Applying knowledge and skills to different contexts

Your final results will be an average percentage across all 6 subjects taken, where the maximum score will be 100%.

Who should take this diploma?

You should consider taking this course if:
You have great time management skills and are able to handle various projects and assignments.
You love speaking and presentations, interacting with your peers and teachers, and working on group assignments instead of final exams.
You enjoy the flexibility of choosing different subjects from different fields.
You are looking to study overseas (especially in Canada) or at local private universities.

The Ontario diploma gives you the opportunity to pursue some of your passions with subjects like Dance and The Writer’s Craft, do make sure you that you choose several essential subjects that will allow you to pursue the degree of your choice later on.