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Study Methods

Equiping students to Communicate effectively and confidently.


Our curriculum is built upon the internationally acclaimed Ontario Secondary School Diploma curriculum, which provides a strong foundation and systematic support to our differentiated Global High School Program.

The quality of the curriculum is the foundation of our ability to deliver academic rigor and instructional excellence. Teachers are provided with multiple resources to springboard their instruction. For instance, detailed lesson plans are provided with varied instructional strategies for teachers to adapt to their various contexts.

We also provide differentiated resources at various levels for teachers to adapt to the students’ learning styles and abilities. Extension and group activities are also provided to enhance the blended learning model, combining individualized instruction with opportunities to collaborate and build social and interpersonal skills in classrooms. Each students’ success is a success for Meadowlands Canadian School.

We are committed to ensuring that are education style is inclusive, we prioritize on developing our students in critical thinking, problem solving and discussions as opposed to memorization. In addition to this, we also teach students how to reflect on their work and evaluate their own process. All this is to ensure that they do not just go through the class, but the class goes through them.

Bimbo Ekwueme, Director.


Increased interaction so students learn by doing

An increased opportunity for interactivity and engagement with course content throughout the courses. For example, students may be asked to review unit content and practice for the unit test through an engaging game of Jeopardy.

Designing your future

This essential student success course guides students to examine post-secondary options based on their skills, interests, and personal motivations. Students will explore the realities and opportunities of the workplace and examine factors that affect their success in different careers. Through the course, students will learn how to focus on their desired path and develop an action plan towards future success.

Transition Program

This program prepares students for a successful transition into their post-secondary lives. It teaches students useful life skills such as: knowing your resources, adapting to new environments, managing freedom, and responsibilities, dealing with stress, working on academic challenges, making friends across cultures, and preparing for the job search.

Assessment and Feedback

Authentic assessments designed to enhance learning skills:

We have enhanced the number of opportunities that students have to check their own comprehension beyond graded tests. Authentic assessments and thought-provoking activities reduce pressure on students and build confidence in their learning.

Other features:

Global Learning Community

Students interact with peers around the world

Many real-world and well-known examples from the field have been incorporated throughout the classes to help bridge theoretical concepts and practice, and to give students opportunities to apply their knowledge. Discussion boards are open so students can interact with peers from around the world.

Teacher Instructional Resources

Resources and lesson plans build a strong foundation for teachers

Teachers are provided with instructional materials such as lesson plans, group activities, and differentiated resources for each lesson as a foundation for them to build from and to enhance student learning.