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Opening up a world of

Developing next generation leaders

Opening up a world of

Developing next generation leaders

Welcome to Meadowlands Canadian School

We deliver the world-renowned Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), together with our Canadian partners. Together we share a vision to transform education and deliver life-changing learning outcomes to students.

Our students have access to a globally respected and recognized education while studying in their home town. Through our programs, students reach their full potential and open new doors to their future.

We aspire to develop the next generation of global leaders by focusing on the essential skills needed to succeed at top universities and beyond.

Why our Diploma Stands Out

Recognised by many universities abroad

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is a well-recognised qualification worldwide, with many students successfully gaining entry into universities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK. Many local private institutions also accept CPU, so you definitely don’t have to worry about having an unrecognised qualification.

Focus on communication and interactive learning

While courses like A-Level tend to focus on exams, the Ontario diploma has a more holistic approach, encouraging you to demonstrate subject competency not just through exams, but also communication and real-world application via projects, debates and presentations. Classes are very focused on classroom interaction, where you are encouraged to discuss and debate with your lecturers.

Flexibility to choose from a wide range of subjects

One defining feature of the Ontario programme is the wide range of subject options, with some colleges offering up to 20+ subject choices! From Dramatic Arts and The Writer’s Craft to Exercise Science and Communications Technology, you will find yourself spoiled for choice.

Engaging learning environment with 80% Canadian-certified teachers

As part of the course, students are engaged with Canadian-certified lecturers. These lecturers are specifically trained to create engaging learning environments, challenging you to be dynamic and creative so that you are truly involved in the subjects that you are learning.

Globally recognized Diploma

O.S.S.D. has consistently ranked as one of the top 5 programs worldwide.Through our global collaboration model, students are afforded all of the same benefits of an Ontario, Canada student. Upon graduation, students earn the globally recognized Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.).

Amazing pathway to Globally recognized Universities

Graduates of this OSSD are able to apply to Canadian and global universities as students attending Canadian schools and experience fewer barriers during the application process. Undergoing the OSSD program will bring increased student enrolment for students looking to study at top global universities.